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For the UK insurance sector, lead generation is immensely challenging given the dominance of powerful major brands online; and for the Income Protection market it can seem insurmountable for SME sized brokerages to break away from the lead-aggregators. In the face of rising costs this was exactly what Lightblue Online wanted to do. As a brand to digital marketing specialist, D2 was approached to update and reposition the Lightblue Online brand with a new identity and brand story that would connect with their target audience; which required a contemporary web design and detailed digital marketing strategy that would provide their advisors more relevant leads and reduced costs by improving the conversion rate and increasing sales.

Following an intense period of immersion and a full competitive analysis, D2 uncovered the opportunity to position the business using emotive imagery and styling that made an emotional connection with concerned workers seeking a safety-net should they ever fall on hard times. Using curated imagery of children pretending to be at work, D2 re-imagined how the brand could invoke a connection with the bread-winner, to realise the impact a loss of income would have on their family and dependants, communicating powerful messages like “Are you and your loved ones covered if the worst was to happen?” to prompt enquiries.

While creating Lightblue Online, we had 3 goals in mind: excellent UI design, flawless user-experience and clear call-to-action to turn visitors into new business leads. The modern website design reflects Lightblue Online’s brand values and makes often complex information simple to digest. The content on the website is Search Engine Optimised from the ground up, ensuring the website was quickly indexed and ranks highly within Google search results.

In an insurance market that is established and even saturated, having a strong digital presence organically is getting tougher by the minute. So, our digital strategy included imaginative pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and targeted remarketing amongst other deeper strategies including dedicated landing pages. Understanding how to devise and deploy email and social media remarketing for website visitors who did not engage has been a key element of the success of the campaign.

Going direct to market and competing for self-generated leads has provided exceptional results with Lightblue Online now enjoy a competitive spend per lead, with a higher value conversion from those previously supplied by third-party aggregators. Lightblue generates over 100 genuine leads per week and average conversion rate of 18%; way above the 10% industry average.


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