Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Driving customers to your site through effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Delivering a stunning website with great functionality will engage your customers and deliver great ROI, but first we need to get them onto your site. That’s why we optimise your website to make it easy for search engines to find you ahead of your competitors. With the rapid pace of change online, maintaining page 1 rankings on Google and other search engines is an essential on-going activity.

At D2 interactive, our team of professional SEO specialists have over fifteen years’ combined experience in securing highly competitive search rankings, resulting in large volumes of relevant, converting visitors for clients.

We don’t outsource our SEO work, so you can be confident in a consistent, high-quality approach to your SEO by our expert team of Search Marketing Consultants using only white hat, ethical techniques. Measurement is easy – with regular reporting and review meetings, you will soon see a tangible ROI from search engine marketing.

Social Media

Engaging customers through Social Media

With the explosion in smartphone usage and other mobile devices, the Social Media revolution is a worldwide phenomenon that has changed the way we communicate.

Here at D2 Interactive, we can quickly leverage the viral power of social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others to help you communicate with ever-increasing audiences across the country, even the world. We can even offer bespoke application development for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, making sure that you get the most from your investment in social media.

D2 works with your PR team to develop and distribute appropriate content that will maximise your brand’s chances to get noticed. We can even monitor your company’s whole social media presence, giving you regular, even real-time, updates on your visibility and reach across the networks and blogs that matter.

Talk to us today about tapping into the social media phenomenon and join the conversation.

Banner Advertising

Effective banner advertising

With the advent of PPC and improved organic search through effective SEO, banner advertising has been hit hard by a reluctance to commit advertising spend. This changing market has resulted in some excellent banner advertising opportunities, with rates significantly reduced compared with previous years and a more tailored approach from sites offering banner advertising opportunities.

We have an excellent track record in delivering solid ROI on banner advertising, through our stunning digital design and our ability to identify niche opportunities. We’ve created thousands of banner ads for clients, from animated gifs to streamlined video, with excellent, measurable results every time. Call us today to find out how you could benefit from a targeted banner advertising campaign.

Email Marketing

Beautifully designed emails across multiple applications

Sending a well-designed email would seem like a simple thing to do, yet ensuring that these HTML emails display properly in different applications can often be a huge task.

Fortunately for us (and you!), we've made literally hundreds of them in the past few years for pretty much all our clients, so we know how to get them looking the same no matter what you use to view your email. We can even help you to manage the distribution using our very own system.

D2 Mail is our bespoke online HTML email system, designed to provide the non-tech-savvy user with the ability to send great-looking HTML email campaigns. With D2 Mail, the tools are so easy, creating your email is literally at the click of a mouse. Don't take our word for it, try one of our free templates to get you started and if you need the perfect branded look for your company, just drop us a line and we’ll create one in no time.


Making your website accessible to everyone

At D2 Interactive, we build websites with accessibility in mind from the outset, using industry best practice and complying with W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) guidelines. The majority of websites we build are level AA, with many achieving AAA standard. As a minimum, we ensure that all of the websites we build are of level A standard. What this means to you is great accessibility, leading to increased visitors to your site and ultimately more opportunities to grow your customer base.

We achieve this by separating the actual content of your site from the way it is displayed to the end user, avoiding the need to create different software for each potential display device, from i-Pads to phones or PCs. We use XHTML and CSS (cascading Style Sheets) to make redesigning your content as easy as possible, delivering great accessibility of your website whatever the device being used to search. Even better, this improved accessibility also improves your search ranking, helping customers to find you quickly and easily. Call us today to find out how your website could benefit from improved accessibility.

Database Administration

Database Administration, Migration & Development

Maintaining current customer data is essential in today’s digital age. At D2 Interactive, we have the technical know-how across a range of database formats to help you do just that, including Sun MySQL, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

We can help you with the following:

  • Migrating from older databases
  • Upgrading existing access databases to SQL server
  • Tuning and optimising existing queries
  • Establishing new architecture that can scale as your business grows
  • Developing high availability database solutions
  • Establishing maintenance plans to extend the health of your SQL server


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