D2 Studio is the most creative digital design studio we could imagine.

We aim to delight.


For a small agency

we dream Big²

The Drogman brothers started dreaming big in 2010. Combining well-practiced skills in branding, technology and commerce, they’d soon created a brand and communications business that was receiving industry accolades, and comfortably standing shoulder to shoulder with substantially bigger agencies. But the vision was to stay small and stay personal. Because the Drogmans believed that you don’t need to be big to dream big.

And that’s precisely what the D2 Studio team does for its clients. Dreams big. Using an impressive in-house skillset to harness potential, creating robust brands with engaging stories to tell. Because a matchless brand identity is the foundation of any successful digital marketing campaign.

It’s been our pleasure to engage with a number of organisations throughout their many evolutions over the years. Working in partnership, fine-tuning strategies as their businesses grow, and as audience behaviours change. Always finding something fresh to say, weaving in imagination, and creating strategies designed to achieve the exceptional.


Small details

Huge ideas

When was the last time somebody took the time to delve in, ask the right questions and establish where your brand fits into the marketplace, or identify where you could truly stand out? Never mind pinpointing previously untapped markets that could have huge potential for your organisation?

At D2 Studio, we waste no time in discovering the true direction of your business, by examining the details uncovered through our research and your insights. We analyse the competition, scrutinise the market position and investigate new avenues in relevant areas. This methodology is essential when working to formulate an identity strategy that resonates with your audience.  

With D2 Studio, there’s no tiresome 20-step process. We’re quick thinkers with agile mindsets, experienced in generating high-performing, award-winning ideas to engage your audience and bring your brand to life. We will help you step into markets you’ve never even considered.

The Team

Big &


At D2 Studio, we’re a small team with a big skillset, working closely to deliver exceptional work, harnessing the potential of our clients, engaging their audiences, and elevating their brands. 

But there’s two sides to everyone & we’ve passions, persuasions and …. a plenty. Get to know us and you’ll see we really rub along…

Matt O'Halloran


Matt is possibilities. If Matt wants to talk to you about D2, you are going to listen. He has guided all of our clients to the realisation that D2 knows what’s best for them, then allows the creative team to freedom to make that realisation super real. Matt is also the soundest sounding board for sharing early ideas with, deep inside him is a creative flame that helps shape our final ideas into their most practical and possible best.



Sebastian Wilkinson

Creative Director

The eyes and ears of all things D2. With over 15 years of experience within the branding and communication industry, Sebastian has worked to build brands that engage customers and motivate employees.


Kevin Wosnitza

Front-End Developer

International man of D2. The web is worldwide because of web developers like him. Kev creatively codes all our dreams and ideas into award-winning websites.

Web Development

Wilson Cheah

Web Developer

We’re not sure if that’s his real name, his evangelical following of pro tennis is too much of a coincidence.  Wilson is a problem solver and fixer, monitoring and assisting clients on many of our website projects. At D2 Wilson is a legend, our mascot and the most beloved member of the team. He puts the corporate smile on the D2 face. We even turned him into his own D2 brand.

Web Development

Loveable Mascot

Pulkit Mohan

Front-End Developer

A man of many talents, senior front-end developer Pulkit originally trained as a lawyer, before finding his calling in web development. His paintings can be viewed in Tuscan cafes, whilst his websites can be seen garnering UX/UI awards with regularity. In his spare time, Pulkit enjoys cooking, painting and going to the gym.

Web Development

Reza Naddaf

Web Developer

Reza is a very enthusiastic full-stack developer with a very clear passion for programming and learning the latest technologies. He has a hard-working ethos that motivates him to take on new responsibilities and challenges. Outside of work he is a compulsive video gamer who occasionally streams his gameplay.


David Brophy

Motion Graphic Designer

Having worked with video and graphic design as a hobby for most of his life, David turned animation into a career and has worked as a Motion Graphic Designer for D2 since June 2022. David has a passion for bringing designs to life and making them memorable, empowered by a great understanding of the Adobe Suite and enough patience to wait for it to start responding again. Through working in web development in the past and with a degree in linguistics, David has a diverse background that allows him to look at animation in unique ways. When he’s not Photoshoping a new moustache on his friends, he enjoys going to the gym, playing video games and watching a good series.

Motion Design

Charlotte Hanmore

Studio & Project Manager

Drawn from the ever-growing list of Essex-based recruits, project manager and pasta lover Charlotte Hanmore manages all the D2 projects. Famed for running to her piano teacher’s house on her lunch breaks, Charlotte is essential to all our creative projects running smoothly. When asked about her likes and dislikes, there was very positive feedback for cheese, wine, dogs and visiting art galleries, while celery and yawning without covering your mouth was less well received.


Dan Drogman


Every business needs vision and with Dan we get the macro of a leader with the micro of a trained designer. Dan has pushed D2 to achieve way above our clients expectations whilst ensuring the detail and consistency of our brand output is focused on excellence. Respected as a straight talker and with more real business ideas than any organisation deserves, Dan is most definitely the man for us and many inspired clients.


Tom Drogman


The brother we all wish we had (lucky Dan). Practical, unflappable, insanely digital, always happy to help and one of the great problem solvers. All of our clients are reassured by Tom’s involvement in their projects, with code and configurations made of digital steel. A code purist and evangelical cyclist, Tom is our A to B man with plenty of gears & no hitches (or hitchers-ha).


Web Development

Michelle Lawrence

Senior Graphic Designer

Multi-skilled graphic designer with over 10 + years’ experience within the design and corporate industry, with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Graphic Design. Michelle has been longest standing employee of D2. Outside of the office, Michelle likes a good musical theatre and stalking celebs at every London comic con.


UI/UX Design


Who we work with

Nothing delights us more than building long-lasting relationships with clients based on the success and satisfaction of previous projects. Forming a creative partnership over multiple projects not only gives confidence to the client but gives us in-depth knowledge of the business’s culture and audience.




You don’t need an expert in your industry. What you need are relevant ideas, an external view, fresh eyes and people who can come up with innovative ways to successfully engage your audience and have the experience to execute it.

We will focus our attention on prioritising your audience because they are the people who will elevate your brand.

At D2 Studio, we uphold high standards. We value honesty and integrity, so we won’t pull any punches. We understand that straight-talking is essential for growth and improvement. What matters to us is your success, and we will tirelessly ensure it finds its way to your business.

We're not precious

We have high standards

We don't pull punches

We don't blow our own trumpet

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